Other Downloads


Besides the Minecraft Shaders mod, there are several other cool and useful mods.

Journey Map

The Journey Minimap was created by rechbrew at the end of 2011. This mod adds a real-time map to your gameplay experience.

Journey Map

Minecraft Forge

Minecraft Forge was created by LexManos and has become a must-have tool (Modloader). Many other mods are getting developed with it, because it is far easier than without it.

Minecraft Optifine

The Minecraft Optifine Mod was created by sp614x in the year 2011. The main purpose of this mod is to boost the overall performance, while also enhancing the graphic experience
A must-have mod for previous shaders mod versions. (Not compatible with the newest one)


Pokemon Map

The Minecraft Pokemon Map (Cobalt and Amethyst) is a really unique map in its own way. You can do nearly everything concerning the original Pokemon games.

Journey Map

Resource packs


Dokucraft is a 32×32 texturepack and comes in different variations: Light, High and Dark. It is one of the most popular resource packs for Minecraft.

Journey Map